The punishment is yours

The punishment is yours

Episode No: 2
By: Abia Siddiqui

Arabia turned on the flashlight of her mobile and entered the room. And began to ask. anybody here? But he got no answer. In fact, the baby’s voice had stopped coming. Arabia looked around at her mobile phone but did not see anyone. Now Areeba was panicking. And she just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. She was just leaving the room. That he felt something under his sandals. And when Arabia removed her foot and hit the flashlight of her mobile there, Arabia saw a lizard. Ada was dying due to the falling of Areba’s feet. And died in a matter of seconds. Arabia ignored him and left the room. Unaware that two angry red eyes are watching. Arabia had just come a short distance from the room. Suddenly the sound of the door closing came from behind. Arabia’s footsteps stopped for a while. There was no one here except me. So who closed the door? But she started running without turning back. And when she reached inside her room, she began to normalize her breathing. Arabia did not understand. That’s when the baby’s voices came from the room. So when she went there. So why was there no child? Then why did the sound suddenly stop coming? And who closed that door? And there were many more questions. Areba had no answer. And you and she were unaware of that. That she has done something unknowingly.


Ishaan Begum had set up her room and kitchen at night. And the rest of the house was to be set up in the morning. His eyes were opened at the call of Fajr. And she got up from her bed with the intention of performing Wudhu. The bathroom was a few steps away from his room. When she left the room and started going to the bathroom, she heard water falling from the bathroom. She hurried to the bathroom in distress. So the tap was open. And the water was flowing. Alas, I forgot to turn off the tap at night. Then after performing Wudhu, she turned off the tap and started praying. After the prayer, make tea for yourself and then bring two slices with the tea and place it on the table in your room. And went back to the kitchen to get a spoon. Then they heard the sound of water falling from the bathroom again. I went and saw that the tap was open. He looks like the tap is bad. He turned off the tap again as soon as he spoke. And come into the room with the spoon. But this time Ishaan Begum’s eyes were about to come out in surprise. Because the mug of tea was empty. And there were no slices. There is no one but Mum Mirrare. There is no Nun. She was looking at the empty mug and plate in a mixture of fear and surprise. In which there was tea and slices a while ago.

You didn’t do well, girl. You robbed me of the reason for my laughter and life. Now I will take everything away from you too. Like I’m in pain every moment. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. I will suffer every moment. That is what death will demand. But I will not kill you. Rather, I will be happy to see you in pain, I will find peace. I will take revenge. He was roaring with anger. The eyes were very red. And then a few seconds later that look changed.
to be continued…..


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