The punishment is yours

The punishment is yours
Episode No: 3
By: Abiyah Siddiqui

What happened to Arabia? When did she fall asleep thinking about it? He did not know. Now his eyes opened at the sound of the alarm. When I looked at the clock, it was half-past eight. She got up quickly and went to the bathroom with her clothes. When she came out, she sat in front of the mirror and picked up a brush to make her hair. So he looked at his mobile phone which had a flashlight. Now the night scene was revolving in front of him again. She was still engrossed in these scenes. Suddenly Areba felt someone’s hand on her shoulder. As soon as Areeba turned around to hit her brush, Sarah immediately grabbed Areeba’s hand and stopped her. Otherwise, the wooden brush would have hit Sarah on the head. And what are those screaming Arabians doing? I am Sarah Sarah Arabia who closed her eyes. At Sarah’s voice, she opened quickly and began to normalize herself. Sarah grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him. And began to ask. I have been coming to your room and calling you since you have not heard. Then when I put my hand on your shoulder to attract you, you came to kill me. Where were you lost Sarah told the whole story in one breath and finally asked a question. Arabia hugged him and told you everything at night. I have a class now. Saying this, Arabia resumed her preparations. When Sarah started to leave, Areba said, “Why did you come?” To which Sarah replied that she had come to tell you good news. Sarah said in a happy tone. Well, let me tell you now what is the good news? Arabia said.
As you know, every year the university selects two girls from the whole university and then takes them to another university. For art competition. Sarah was just telling. Arabia interrupted him and said that this time the university people have selected you, right? And Areba looked at Sarah with hopeful eyes. Sarah took both of Arabia’s hands and began to move her around and said yes. I have been selected. I can’t believe my dream is coming true. Baba Mama was so happy. I can’t tell Sarah was chuckling happily. Arabia prayed from the bottom of her heart that she would always be happy. But maybe Sarah was happy for the last time today. And maybe Areeba too. Because two angry eyes were watching them.

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Sarah and Areba were childhood friends. Sarah was two years younger than Areba. That’s why she speaks to Areba. Because Arabia had no siblings. So she considered Sarah as her younger sister and was very attached. Sarah was the eldest. Sarah was survived by a brother and two sisters. Sarah was also an artist. And now Sarah was selected by the university to participate in a competition on behalf of her university. Which was to happen tomorrow. Sarah’s dream was about to come true.

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Ishaan Begum was still standing in awe. That I feel very hungry. And don’t even dare make breakfast. And who can say breakfast? In all this, Ishaan Begum gets a heavy masculine voice behind her. Who told you that you live alone in this house? I live the same way. Ishaan Begum’s upper breath up and lower breath down. He turned around and saw a young man. And just here their courage was answered. And they fell down unconscious. At first, the young man was a little nervous when he saw them fainting. But when Ishaal Begum became completely unconscious. So he came to them on foot. And he smiled and said, “Did you have that much courage?”

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Why are mothers stubborn? How could you travel so far alone? And God forbid, if there is a problem along the way, then what will we do? Before today, you did not travel by plane alone, so now Ali Memon started saying something and his mother started saying it. My children will go to me without worrying so much. And when your father left. Since then, you are alone and you have been brought up. What is the big deal in moving from one country to another? His tone was sad. Mom, I’m worried, so I’m celebrating. And he will go with me and Saba next month. Ali Memon tried his best to explain. No, son, don’t wait any longer. It’s been so many months since I fell in love with my granddaughter Arbo. Eating Ishaal’s hand food. I just have to go as soon as possible. They are both alone there. Aman announced her decision bluntly. Ali Memon said, “Mother, they are two people.” And how can two people be alone? Hey my baby, she suddenly stopped talking. And stare at Ali Memon and say again, one minute, one minute, now next month you will get tickets for the three of us from the company. And now you have to buy with your own money. As soon as you stop me, I understand now. As soon as Aman became silent. Ali Memon spoke immediately. No, no, that’s not the case. I really cared about you. And I’m going to get your ticket tomorrow. Wherever these women listen to me, they do what their heart desires. This last word Ali Memon went on speaking in his mouth.

_ °°°°°°°°°°°°°° _ °°°°°°°°°°°°°°_°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _

Areba and Sarah had a very busy day. Arabia took all her classes and now fell asleep in her room. It was six o’clock in the evening when Sarah was leaving. Because there was an art competition today. So now she came to her room and ate. The art commission was at eight o’clock. After finishing the meal, he tried to open the door to go to Arabia, but it was locked. It did not open even after much effort. Suddenly darkness fell on the room. It was dark all over the room and Sarah was knocking on the door and screaming at the same time. Open up Who is doing all this? Suddenly, someone grabbed Sarah’s hair. There were tears in Sarah’s eyes because of the pain. Sarah would do anything to get rid of her hair. He pulled Sarah’s hair harder and hit her head on the wall next to the door. Once, twice, thrice he hit her on the wall. And she could not bear the pain and fainted. But this savage still did not calm down because he was obsessed with revenge. And he lifted the alien from Sarah’s senses and disappeared as he came.

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Arabia’s eye opened nervously and she called her mother. But they did not. (If Ishaal Begum was conscious, she would not have picked it up). Looks like they’re still angry. Thinking this, Areba started walking towards Sarah’s room. When she reached Sarah’s room, the teacher and two girls were also standing there. And there was a knock on the door of Sarah’s room and the teacher was talking. Sarah, the son, opens the door. Son, it’s time to go to the competition. It’s getting late. The teacher looked at Arabia and asked her, “Is Arabia Sarah with you, or have you seen her?” Arabia said no, I just met the teacher in the morning. The teacher said angrily that she was very excited since morning and now I see the door is not opening. Go and tell the watchman to come here and break down the door. The two girls left. And bring the watchman. And the watchman broke down the door, and the whole room was dark. Areba turned on the light. So she was nowhere. They saw blood on the wall next to the door. Which was flowing down the wall to the ground. Seeing Areba’s blood and not finding Sarah, the situation got worse. She started screaming. Where is Sarah? Sarah sat down and started crying. The two girls took over Arabia. The teacher and the watchman were also upset. But no one understood.
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to be continued…….

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