Story: The punishment is yours

The punishment is yours

Episode No: 1
By: Abiyah Siddiqui

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Hey, mom what’s Does Do you want to leave that house? It was a good thing. Areba has said sadly. Listening to Arabia’s words, Ishaal Begum (Arabia’s mother) became very angry. I have to do a lot of work without disturbing my mind by saying “billions” of nonsense. Do you understand that alone? You yourself went to the hostel and sat down. And now you are advising me. And without listening to ArabiaIshaal Begum has hung up. Arabia will keep talking, a dear mother, listens to me. But to no avail.


Because the call was closed. Arabia was just about to call again. That he heard a child talking and playing. She will be worried about what any child is doing in the hostel at this time. It had been two days since she came to Arabia. But today was the first time she had heard a child’s voice. So she was shocked and upset. At first, Arabia thought I should go and see whose child it was. But when I saw the time on the clock, it was twelve o’clock. So she lay down thinking that I would ask in the morning. But even after Arabia lay down, the baby’s voices could be heard every once in a while. _______________________________________________________________________________

Or may Allah give me the courage to do this Ahhh, my real children did not even think of their mother. What a home shift. So there are thousands of jobs, so I take two or three days off from the hostel and go to my mother to help her. But no, he didn’t even think about it. My mother’s reverse is advising me that the house was good. Why left Now tell me what I needed. Is it better to leave home? He was kicked out by this bald landlord. Otherwise, why did I need to come to this ruin? Ishaan Begum was muttering to herself. It had become a habit. Because Abu Malik of Areba lived outside with his second wife. And Arabia was mostly not at home. And now Arabia had gone to the hostel. So she would talk to herself, some would be accustomed to being alone, some would be a requirement of age. But this time, someone was listening to their barbarism and smiling. ______________________________________________________________________________

Arabia was the only daughter of Ishaal Begum and Ali Memon after five years of marriage. Ishaan Begum and Ali Memon were very happy at the birth of Arabia. And both were happily training and nurturing Arabia. Ishaan Begum was seven years old when she was a child. So her mother passed away a few minutes after giving birth to her younger sister and a few hours after her departure, her younger sister also passed away. And Ishaal Begum’s father took him to another city. And at the age of 22, he got Ishaal married to Ali. And a year after the marriage, he also passed away. Now Ishaal Begum had the support of Ali Memon. Because the city in which he had relatives had left him in his childhood. Ali Memon lived with his mother. Ali Memon’s father had divorced his mother when he was a child.


Ali Memon’s close friend Munsif died when Arabia was fifteen years old. Munsif had no children. Therefore, with the consent of Ishaal Begum, Ali Memon had married Munsif Sahib’s Begum Saba after the completion of his’ iddah. Because Munsif Sahib’s death was while rescuing Ali Memon in an accident. And so Ali Memon married him to support his wife. And after two years of marriage, Saba Begum got AIDS due to which Ali Memon took Saba Begum and his mother abroad for treatment. He also wanted to take Ishaal Begum and Arabia but Arabia wanted to keep his studies in Pakistan. Ali Memon explained a lot. But he did not agree or maybe his fate was something else. Therefore, she did not want to let Arabia leave here. And Ishaal Begum did not want to leave her daughter and go to another country. So she stopped. And Ali Memon used to visit them every month and pay for rent and other necessities. But this month he could not come due to Saba Begum being more ill and for this reason, he could not pay Ishal Begum on time and the landlord took advantage of this and asked him to vacate the house. Because Ishaal Begum did not have much money and Areeba had also shifted to a hostel. So she came to the old house. Where the population was small. This house was bought by his father. And now only time will tell whether this decision will be right or wrong.


Arabia had been trying to sleep for a long time, ignoring the baby’s voices. But she couldn’t sleep because of the noises. Whose child is this who is making noise in the hostel so late at night? Whoever has it has no sense of comfort in others. Now you have to go and see. Thinking this, Arabia left her room and started walking towards the voice. There were only two or three bright lights in the whole hostel. Areeba was growing. By the way, the child’s voices were getting louder and louder. There were fears in Areeba’s heart and mind that something was wrong. But she rushed to the room, denying her fears because she was sleep-deprived. The baby’s voice was coming from inside. But that was surprising. That the room was dark. Arabia thought, can any survivor play so happily in the dark? Thinking this, Arabia put her hand on the door to knock on the door and the door opened. The whole room was dark. No one was visible. But Areeba could hear voices.


To be continued…

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