Participant Profile: Chris Moneymaker

Various people have commented that the primary event when they heard the name Chris Moneymaker, they thought it was a joke! Far from being a joke, Chris Moneymaker is as of now an image whose name is striking in the files of Texas Holder Poker.

Chris is the main individual to win the grandiose World Arrangement of Poker (WSOP) Competition by qualifying on the Web. Believe it or not, the chief genuine table game he played was at the WSOP. Preceding looking into the WSOP, his poker playing was confined to three years of development online where he qualified for his seat at

Chris, an accountant by then, was confronting Ahsan Sam Farah in the last round. All of the two men was joined by his lucky charm. Chris held his good luck valuable stone and Sam had his good luck tiger manikin. The No Restriction Texas Holder Poker God supported Chris that day by giving him the full house winning hand of three fives and two fours despite the Title at the 34th yearly World Arrangement of Poker close by the top prize of $2.5 million.

Since his enormous achievement and dispatch into VIP status, what is Chris Moneymaker doing now? Additionally, what direction does he have for the rest of…





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