Chinese language good just right fortune symbols – section 1

Chinese language language good just right fortune symbols – section 1, Power of Chinese language language dragons

Chinese language language dragon

Chinese language language dragon is the logo of protection and just right fortune. It is regarded as the Ideally fitted Being among all creatures temples and shrines have been built to honor them.

Chinese language language Dragons control the rain, rivers, lakes, and seas. Being the divine mythical animal, the Dragon can thrust back wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow coverage to all.

Dragon is traditionally associated with East trail and it is believed that Placing image of dragon on the East side of space or administrative center will protect from damaging energy and will lift great fortune.

Chinese language language legendary beast and Phoenix – for fulfilled marriage

Chinese language language dragon and phoenix are the perfect couple which symbolizes Yang (dragon )and Yin (phoenix ) in Feng shun. Phoenix alone takes Yang character but when phoenix gets together with dragon or situated beside a dragon, it becomes Yin.

Dragon and Phoenix couple constitute emperor…

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